Welcome to Firedance Inn!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scotties Tournament

2/22/11: Things are hopping on the Island; the nationwide curling tournament is in session in Charlottetown. We've got a nice family from Ontario occupying much of the inn - three generations. The weather decided to celebrate with a few days of snow; the drift in the hounds' yard is 3 metres deep! Ye got the Jetta stuck in a drift, this afternoon's project will be to dig it out. The wind isn't helping things either but such is life. There's still time for our signature dishes, though; here are Wei's famous blueberry pancakes:

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter Relaxation

 2/15/11:  Well, it's another stay inside day at Firedance; even the hounds don't feel like going anywhere (although they did check another exit door at the house to make sure it wasn't snowing there). I was going to take the White Elephant pickup to the pharmacy in Cornwall but it didn't want to start (our little garage is almost useless to keep our vehicles out of the snow).  Ye is working on her business courses (UPEI is closed); and I'm trying to get this blog/Facebook thing in sync.  Wei is making noodles - check out the attached photos

Friday, February 11, 2011


This is starting to look as if we're in position for a record snow year.  The waterfall is just a snow mountain right now.  We've got trough heaters in the pond for the fish so they're OK; the hard part is trying to find the pond!  As heating oil was fairly low cost in 2010 we didn't stock up on firewood to activate our wood/coal central heating system; the wood we do have is essentially frozen in a solid block!  Hope we get a thaw soon for the snow on the deck and roof...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

2/6/11:  Another snowy day at Firedance Inn; the West River is frozen and we've got a couple of 8' drifts in the yard.  Wei's baking her signature sourdough bread and the hound dogs are hunkered downstairs dreaming of chasing foxes and greeting new visitors.  I'm figuring a way to get an up tick on our reservations for the year while also trying to get a handle on finishing the work on SS Firedance, which should be sailing later in '11.