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Monday, April 30, 2012

Shoulder Season Happenings

The weather's really improving here on PEI and the lawn and trees are finally getting some growth. It was a fairly warm winter but we had a snowstorm in early April that dumped around 10 cm of wet, white stuff. Heating oil's been over $1 per litre for much of the winter so we've been burning local hardwood and anthracite in our EKO-40 "boiler" (it doesn't boil anything). Ye is in China right now; she was graduated from UPEI in December and just got married! She will be back soon, though, along with my brother and sister -in law. English will once more be the second language here!

Business is off to a great start for the year and it will be busy for us this summer. Come on by for a visit; if you are an old customer make sure you get your discount! Hoping to see old friends this summer!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Winter News


Hi to all of our Firedance Inn friends! Winter has finally arrived with the first major snowfall of the season:

There’s a river out there, really! It’s been a mild season and we’ve enjoyed it. Cold times are offset with our super efficient wood/anthracite fired heat system. The hounds stay mostly inside. Our daughter, Ye, has finished UPEI with a degree in business administration and has returned to Shenyang, China, (where it’s significantly colder than here) to get married. She and her husband will be coming back in the spring. Meanwhile we’ve got a busy season planned. We’re geared up for the HockeyDay in Canada (this year in PEI for the first time) later this month and will be getting the steamboat out of storage in April. It was test fired in October and will get its water trial after a few more minor mods. With any luck Wei’s brother and sister-in-law will also be here by summer; I could use Guangxin’s help with the boat (he’s a plumber among other skills).
As always, Firedance alumni are welcomed back with a 10 or 15 percent discount so come on by for a visit! Hope to see you soon,

John & We