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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Fun at the Fun Factory!

We promised that things would be exciting here and they are: 2 weeks ago I went into the back yard to clean up after the hounds. I walked down the same slope as always but was carrying a shovel (this slope was ice covered recently but is now clear). Slipped, fell and the shovel hit my knee and severed the patella tendon, ouch! After surgery, two weeks of rest and a knee brace I'm ambulatory again - just in time for our tourist season. Lucky break, too, as the Spring Special is bringing in the guests. High point of my convalescence: watched daytime TV for the first time in years and saw a high school literature class in action. When queried about a Shakespeare play, several students felt that Romeo and Juliet killed themselves because they were "asshats". Interesting perspective...

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