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Monday, May 30, 2011

End of May

Long time, no blog entry!! My messed up knee has slowed me down a little but we've been really busy too. SS Firedance was brought out of storage; we took delivery of a ton of anthracite and we're already mowing the lawn twice a week. Turns out we have several cords of un-sawed wood on our 5 acres so we're going to be working on that too. Heating oil's gone way up in price so we'll be using the wood and anthracite for the coldest months next winter. The steamboat needs to have its trailer modified (for the 2nd time) and installation of a feedwater system (partially missing). With any luck it will be running before the end of the summer. Fred and Jie got their first outside baths today (in winter we use our downstairs shower) and it was only mildly traumatic. Fred's an ex hunting dog (he's a Treeing Walker Coonhound) and has been taught to follow coons thru streams and the like but he still hates bath time - go figure. Some nice folk from France checked in today so I get a chance to practice my schoolboy French. Anyway, the weather's great, we're hopping with business and things are looking good. Hope to see more of our alumni guests from the past so give us a call! We always give return customers a discount!

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